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A picture’s worth a thousand words


I look in on the delightful (“An Illustrated Jocularity”) more or less regularly; it updates on Tuesdays and Fridays. David Malki ! (the ” !” is his personal honorific) creates it from 19th-Century woodcuts and engravings, which he chops up, adding contemporary speech-bubbles. The last one has some tangential relevance to the blog, should give you a giggle, might expand his readership and – let’s face it – jocularity always trumps pomposity, especially about spud-faced French presidential candidates!

By the way, the headline brings this definition to mind:

Millihelen, n.: The amount of beauty required to launch one ship.                                         (Tom Weller. Science Made Stupid)


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  1. Charlie Bucket permalink

    Ahhhh, another Malki ! fan. But you didn’t tell the boys and girls in the audience to hover the mouse over the cartoon to get another punchline.

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