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Paronomasia or “Have you eaten underpants?”


“Punning is an art of harmonious jingling upon words, which, passing in at the ears, excites a titillary motion in those parts; and this, being conveyed by the animal spirits into the muscles of the face, raises the cockles of the heart.” [Jonathan Swift, in The Physical Definition of Punning According to Cardan. This merely demonstrates that Dean Swift had no time for either the louche Gerolamo Cardano or puns.]

Like most languages, Japanese lends itself to a form of punning :
ンつくった事ある? (pan tsukutta koto aru?)
Have you ever made bread before?
This can, however, also be heard as:
Have you ever eaten underpants before? (パンツ食った事ある?, pantsu kutta koto aru?)

And, in closing:
Why do Marxists use teabags?
Because proper tea is theft.


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