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It all started with a big bang


Season 5 of The Big Bang Theory ended last night on US television. Although it’s glorious comedy, with tight and literate scripts, wonderful ensemble playing by a strong cast, steadily developing absurd yet all-too credible characters, which is streets and houses better than either Friends or Cheers (to take but two) and doesn’t get the regular airings in the UK (I’m looking at you, E4) that it deserves (harrumph), that’s not really the point.

The point, for us, is that Chuck Lorre loves language. At the end of most episodes – most, not all, because all would be dreary and predictable – he flashes up a ‘vanity card’ after the closing credits. These can be topical, whimsical, contentious or flippant, but they’re always well-written. Here’s a recent one:

There you are, a (not very) dirty joke for a Friday. I’m not wishing the summer away, but roll on September and Series 6 of TBBT.

Edit: ว้าวสถิติ WordPress บอกฉันว่าฉันเลือกขึ้นผู้อ่านบางคนในกรุงเทพมหานครประเทศไทย สวัสดีเพื่อนใหม่

Edit 2: Buenas noches, Antonio, en Sorbas.


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