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Wine is sunlight held together by water


You may know that the British Isles have, for the last 3 months, been experiencing rain in almost Bangladeshi abundance. Despite that, I had no idea of the apparent – shall we say – over-supply that had been falling on the relatively small (21,000 sq km) principality of Wales. Welsh Water plc (otherwise Dwr Cymru, in their own Celtic language. Look at that, Welsh lessons for free. You lucky, lucky people!) recently announced a 3-year capital investment programme, totalling £1 billion, to ensure that its product is drinkable.

Last week’s newspaper report about this plan did rather startle me, however, when it informed readers that Welsh Water (Come on. You can’t have forgotten that quickly. Dwr Cymru = Doo-er Cumree) supplies the life-bestowing fluid to some 43% of the Earth’s entire population. In a notable slip of the brain, it claimed:

The quotation forming today’s beautiful headline comes to you from Galileo Galilei. It’s even more delightful in the original: “Il vino è la luce del sole tenuta insieme dall’acqua.”

Edit: Moving swiftly from the sublime to the ridiculous, my sister called from California to bring my attention to one of the USwitch pages, which tells us that – far from supplying three billion people – Dwr Cymru may well have rather fewer customers:

Now, that is what I really would call quality (and, to be fair, quantity) service – 900 million litres a day for 1.2 customers. Just how many baths can one person take in a day?


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