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Musing on “la Rotweiler”


I’ve been reading President Hollande’s partner’s tardy, insincere regrets at the effects of her petulant tweeting. She is jealous of her predecessor, Ségolène Royal, who was herself a presidential candidate last time round. La Trierweiler succeeded La Royal in Hollande’s affections in 2006, but remains so hopelessly insecure that she got down in the gutter, explicitly to back La Royal’s opponent in last weekend’s elections. La Royal was royally trounced.

Hollande and Royal have 4 children together, so it’s hardly surprising that they attempt to maintain diplomatic relations, however uncomfortable that might be for everyone involved.  La Trierweiler was given a hefty metaphorical slap by the Prime Minister, and told to behave herself. She has now gritted her teeth and expressed remorse at the damaging effect she is having on politics, her lover, his children and her own plummeting reputation. Doubtless the President and his entourage will be fervently hoping that, at least for the foreseeable future,

Discretion is the better part of Valérie


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  1. Alex permalink

    T’es MÉCHANT!

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