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When the light is crooked, the shadow is crooked


– Dzień dobry do mojego nowego zwolennika w Polsce! –

It’s not that his shadow on the ground, and his reflection on the side of the car (well, it’s more of an oversized Tonka Toy, to be candid), both suggest that Jeremy is proudly holding an oversized and imaginary cheque. It’s more the fact that Jeremy might have trouble cashing the cheque, even at an imaginary bank, that gets him star billing today.

You really would think that, if you were making up a fake cheque for ‘half a bar’ as a marketing come-on to rope in naïve and trusting punters, you would take the trouble to make sure that the words and figures match. To be more precise, surely you would date it and spell ‘hundred’ properly. Wouldn’t you?

Today’s headline? It’s a Yiddish proverb, but I’ll have to disappoint the more demanding and punctilious among you as I haven’t been able to source the original.



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