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It pricked my interest


As you know, the USP of this blog is those printed errors which cost embarrassment, ridicule or cold, hard cash. The spoken word is more ephemeral, leaving no incriminating evidence to post here.

Nevertheless, there is the occasional entendu which deserves a wider audience, to put a smile on your faces. I’m currently 5 hours behind BST, and was listening an hour or so ago to the final few minutes of BBC Radio 4’s Today programme.

The discussion was about ritual infant circumcision, in the light of the recent Köln court ruling. There was a right-on rabbi and another bloke (gimme a break, it was 3.45am for me) taking metaphorical lumps out of each other. At one glorious point, however, John H(arr)umphrys interrupted: “you can’t have it laid down by diktat”.

I sniggered. From whichever is your standpoint of experience and/or preference, this simple phrase seemed to define the opposed and intransigent prejudices about circumcision vis-à-vis the pleasures of sexual congress.

Q: Why don’t Jews drive Lamborghinis?
A: You have to be a complete prick to drive a Lamborghini.
Ka-boom tissssssh.


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