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No levelled malice …


No levelled malice
Infects one comma in the course I hold;
But flies an eagle flight, bold, and forth on,
Leaving no track behind.
Timon of Athens (Act 1, scene 1)

Hello again. I’m just back from a few days in the sun. I hope that the scheduled posts (thank you, WordPress) have kept you amused. The geographical viewing logs are interesting. That extended lèse-majesté rant at the expense of the Zil lanes in London and other mad and self-important inflexibilities that surround the Olympics went modestly viral, with new visitors from India, Indonesia, Japan, China, Kenya and Uruguay among others. Welcome all, and I hope you’ll stick around.

At least the wrath of the humourless Brand Police (in their Tellytubby purple caps and tops) didn’t fall on me, for daring to mention the Olympic Games, London 2012, LOCOG, the IOC, Macdonalds, VISA and other institutions in less than the demanded reverential tones. And wasn’t it just the sweetest of Public Relations revenges that last night, at the Wembley Stadium, the VISA machines suddenly wouldn’t work, causing endless delays and aggro at the food concessions as people groped for cash?

I suppose there could still be a menacing tap on the door, and the rattle of handcuffs, later today. If I don’t check in tomorrow, therefore, please send search parties, writs for Habeas Corpus and heavy files baked into fruit cakes. I expect, for a perceived crime as serious as mine, my address will be Belmarsh maximum security prison.

So, here we are again, fighting a lonely fight against the corruption and sloppiness of language. There has to be humour, though. Remember that our motto at Webwrights is from the great Robert Townsend, and is up there in the header.

EDIT: Oh, this is exceptionally good. Anne Applebaum in today’s Daily Telegraph makes the point that at least we are allowed to grumble about the absurd pomposities of the Olympics and pillory the nonsensical regulations surrounding them. At least we can make jokes and blow raspberries at ‘Lord’ Coe and his puffed-up chums. Contrast our freedoms with the autocratic way in which the Chinese authorities imposed their will on the 2008 Games. Do read it.

EDIT 2: Does the Mayor of London read Webwrights? In his online comment on the Telegraph website today, giving “20 reasons to feel cheerful” about the Games, Boris Johnson lists at Number 16: “The Olympics are proving to be a boost to tattoo parlours. Plenty of people seem to want their thighs inscribed with “Oylimpics 2012” and other ineradicable mis-spellings.”

EDIT 3: And here is Harry Cole’s view of the LOCOG hyperbollocks.


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