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A ‘Dirty’ trick


Providing a refreshing change from trawling the Cambrian Layer of the internet for ancient and embarrassing misprints, here is an absolute lulu from as long ago as this morning.

As you can imagine, the people of these islands have been going nuts at the assorted domestic successes in the London Olympics. Yesterday the British dressage team overturned 40 years of German dominance of the discipline, taking the gold medal.

The Daily Mail has only one rival as the most blinkered, tub-thumping, flag-waving and (let’s face it) stupid national daily newspaper. That’s the Daily Express, once a fairly serious journal in its glory years, now owned by a knuckle-dragging, bullying, oafish, un-housetrained buffoon who began his inglorious media career as a pornographer.

The Daily Express prides itself on being the most unwaveringly jingoistic of our newspapers. In a simply exquisite own-goal, however, the first edition of today’s front page celebrated yesterday’s haul of 4 gold medals by featuring the grinning faces of the members of the Netherlands dressage team proudly flourishing their bronze medals at the camera.

You really would have thought that the orange collar-trim would have provided a small clue to the clueless.

While we’re on the subject of daily rags, and specifically the Daily Mail, it serves one reliable purpose for me. Whenever I discover that someone (and it’s almost always a woman) reads the Daily Mail, it is a rock-solid indicator that their opinions on any subject whatsoever can be safely disregarded as worthless.  This is a time-saving principle that, over the years, has been as certain as gravity and the Sun rising in the East.

The title refers to the Express proprietor’s nickname, celebrating his background and bestowed on him by the magnificent Private Eye, which is a satirical fortnightly magazine roughly equivalent to Le Canard Enchainé.

EDIT: The Daily Mirror has made the same mistake on the centre pages:

The papers are blaming it on a faulty caption from a picture agency, but REALLY. Didn’t those orange collars, or the suspiciously un-goldy gold medals, to say nothing of the unfamiliar sponsor’s name above the unfamiliar badge, make somebody scratch their head and wonder? Evidently not.


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