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Childish, I know, but …


… as we have already seen with the American pubic ‘triumphs’, there is inevitably an extra frisson of malicious satisfaction whenever an educational establishment makes a slipshod typographical error. The inner juvenile always wants to thumb the nose at authority; well, my inner juvenile certainly does, to the considerable annoyance of the administration at my sons’ school. On the day that English pupils get their all-important (A-level, IB, Pre-U) exam results, this engaging example comes from South Lanarkshire in Scotland:

I have a thrilling mental picture of a swaying sea of tartan bellowing Flower of Scotland at a grey school building, backed by 1,000 pipers.

Incidentally, researching this, I was surprised to discover that Flower of Scotland was written as recently as the mid-1960s. This was the first time that the anthem was sung in earnest in Scotland, before a match in which they crushed ‘the auld enemy’ (us), to win the Grand Slam!

If only our own dreary National Anthem – music to drag your feet to – was even one-tenth as inspiring as that. Still, Bill Bailey has a brave go:


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