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Redefining “rough justice”


Türkiye’de yeni okuyucular için sıcak bir karşılama


Fairy gnuff. There’s not a misprint or a typo anywhere, and it didn’t cost anyone embarrassment, ridicule or money. It’s here simply because it’s funny, and it’s Friday.

Over here, the unfortunate Tyrone would need to have done the full “fallen down the Police Station steps” dance-routine to sustain that level of injury. Look how very dangerous the pavements can be in the USA, if you are a thief who’s unlucky enough to slip and fall while innocently stabbing a Marine doing charity work with his 3 buddies. Perhaps that ‘curb’ was particularly high!


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  1. Okay, I’ll smack my own legs for not checking Snopes (as I usually do) but, as it happens, the guts of the story are confirmed by Snopes’ reseach. Someone seems to have changed the thief’s name from the redneck-sounding Tracey Attaway – perhaps, he narrows his eyes and says suspiciously, with a racial ‘motivation’ – but it appears to be largely correct in every other detail.

    Still, it IS funny!

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