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Mistaking B for S results in … BS


When I first saw this a while ago, I immediately discounted it for inclusion here as I assumed that it was just an internet fake. Surely no responsible news organisation (yeah, well, I’m trying to keep a straight face as I type!) could – at such a moment of national catharsis – possibly be quite so professionally slipshod:obama-bin-laden-dead-fox40-mistake-550.jpg

No, it was real; really, really real. It really happened and the full story is here. How telling it is that there was a widespread belief at the time that the ever-so-slightly right-wing gnathonics at Fox had done it deliberately. How equally telling that Fox (news written and read by and for Thunderbirds puppets) tried to wriggle out of it, in a graceless partial apology, by saying that other media had made a similar mistake.

EDIT: I was delighted when a closing scene in HBO’s The Newsroom‘s gripping season finale had the moderate, erudite Republican anchor list the many illiberal and inflexible (in other words, fruitcake) policies of the Tea Party, and condemn it as ‘the American Taliban’. The show has been trashed by some critics, but I enjoyed it and it has – thank all the gods – had a second season commissioned. Lo and behold, the speech is already ‘out there’:


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