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A Feast for Crows


Van harte welkom op onze nieuwe lezers in Nederland

What do we think about this? Perhaps it’s only an option on the restaurant’s special Game of Thrones theme-night menu.

A scowling waiter, clad in badly-cured animal-skins and felt boots, will serve your churros (with a garnish of severed ears and fingers) oozing the warm blood and steaming  entrails of your slaughtered enemies (12 hours’ notice required, as these items are not held in stock and are supplied strictly to order).

It’s surely a bargain at twice the price. For a further lousy 25c per plate, he’ll probably grunt imprecations in Old Castilian or Althochdeutsch while cleaving your churros with his ancient battle-axe.That one is from the menu of a restaurant in Omaha, Nebraska, while this was spotted in Vietnam, where 14,000 Dong is $0.67.Aha, but of course: Barbarian Cream!


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