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There will now be a short intermission


We seem to be having a major problem with uploading photos. It started yesterday, when I was unable to illustrate the SEALs story properly – and, boyoboy, I had some good stuff.

We therefore apologise to our loyal patrons for this temporary disruption to our normally reliable service, and will endeavour to rectify the situation without undue delay. We will (attempt to) leave you with the BBC Test Card, but you’ll have to imagine the ghastly plinky-plonky music that used to go with it.

<scrabble scrabble, twang, scrabble, oops, ping, argh, nooooooo>

No. That hasn’t worked. Instead, we will have to leave you with this link to a variety of test cards.

EDIT: Having checked the Forums, it seems to be a WordPress problem back at base. I won’t take it personally, therefore, and neither should you. Meanwhile, here are some more test cards. Normal service will shortly be resumed. Perhaps.

RE-EDIT: Well, I’ve found a work-around. If I publish immediately with photos, they will hold. They disappear when the post is saved as a draft. What this means is that I can’t write a post for scheduled publication ‘tomorrow morning’. So, for the foreseeable future posts will be appearing later in the day, when I get a chance to add the incriminating evidence. As work-load is unpredictable, “when I get a chance” could mean anytime. Ah well, blogging is free, and I get what I pay for. So do you!


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