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If ever there was a headline, this is a headline


Webwrights’ formative years were spent in the beautiful county of Gloucestershire, over in the Cotswolds and about 100 miles west of London. It was the land of Cider with Rosie, although I was a boy there many years after Laurie Lee* was rambling around Slad and by that time we had electricity, telephones and flush-plumbing. It was an idyllic place and time, but then members of the Royal Family discovered it, started buying houses there and the whole county went down-market, ultimately becoming completely déclassé. Fortunately, my father sold up before the social rot had taken hold too badly, and we moved on.

I was amused by this headline from The Gloucestershire Echo:

And she’s from Cheltenham Ladies College, no less. Well, it certainly wasn’t like that in my day. Belatedly, someone, who had a bit more sensitivity, worldly wisdom and knowledge of the demotic than the original sub-editor, corrected the headline for the online version:

* Years ago, I used to encounter him occasionally (if I hadn’t spotted him first and taken swift avoiding action, that is) in and around a pub in Chelsea. Gods, he was a bore!


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