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Massage for masochists


I found this photo last week and, idly trying to identify what it was, Googled for it. If you enter “relaxing and distressing”, you will get 227,000 hits. If you enter the (to me) rather more obviously attractive prospect of “relaxing and destressing”, the score is only 209,000!

I can’t pretend to have studied all 227,000 mentions. Today’s subject does at least allow me to post this reference to Karina’s Swedish male massage in Southampton (conveniently, indeed suspiciously, close to Webwrights Towers) with an entirely straight face, maintaining that I had discovered it solely in the course of legitimate and high-minded research:

And here we have yet more unconscious honesty in advertising. I suppose if you were to complain about the emotional turmoil suffered on holiday, they could just point to the brochure, shrug laconically and say, “But, really, what did you expect?”



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