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God doesn’t read this blog. Maybe He/She should


Slipshod grammer leadeth remorselessly unto confusion, as was never quite written in the Scriptures. Yea, even as the night doth follow hard upon the day, and the day succeedeth the night, some dumb, knuckle-dragging half-wit (in this case in Auburn, Indiana) will arm himself with a bucket of stick-on letters, will ascend his rickety old ladder and will not allow his total orthographical ignorance to stand in the way of him trying to communicate his version of the word of God in a rough approximation of English.

However you read this, it makes no sense whatsoever:

I was going to illustrate the randomness of things with Bob Newhart’s early, short ‘Infinite Number of Monkeys’ monologue, which was fresh when he recorded it in <checks Thickipedia> 1960. That’s become no more than a cliché now, and the Youtube version ––Q1S9Gk – is sound only against a revolving turntable. Instead, allow me to brighten your morning with this … er … variation on the theme, featuring the inimitable voice of Bill Nighy:


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