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Trash talk is one thing, but trash writing is another


Today we bring you news of a Twittering boxer. At the weekend, the British heavyweight David Price took just 82 seconds to knock out poor old Audley Harrison, who has made more professional comebacks than Dame Nellie Melba, and predictably became the next Great White Hope of British boxing. The last (okay, concurrent) GWH, Tyson Fury, took to Twitter to assert his dominance start the artificial ‘grudge-match’ hype in the hope of selling tickets.

Apparently typing with his elbows, Fury wrote, “Ill take your sole and give it the devil.”  He has yet to explain whether he wished to remove the underside of one of Price’s shoes, or steal his fish dinner, in order to impress the Prince of Darkness.

Two subsequent tweets show his innate modesty, in not even spelling his own name correctly:

“It’s hard to be humble when your as great as I am! Ali said this 1960s Tyson fury saying it now!!!”

“Without Tyson fury in British boxing it would b a dull place u all need me!!!!!!!!

Impressive, however, to see his diligent attention to that apostrophe.


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