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Oxymoronic unions


Un călduros bun venit la cititorii noștri noi în România

On Saturday, our trades unions and the Labour Party took to the streets of London, Glasgow and Belfast to march shuffle along and protest at the economic cuts being imposed by the government; cuts which are largely necessitated by the profligacy and fiscal ineptitude (and, above all, the buttock-brained changes to financial regulation with the creation of the Keystone Gestapo) of the previous government, which was, by strange coincidence, a Labour administration. This was one of their inspired banners: trouble is that, as anyone with a driving-licence will know, a circular road-sign with a diagonal red bar through it itself forbids that which is shown on the sign:

So the true message of the unions’ signs is: “Unions say ‘No’ to no spending cuts. No cuts are forbidden. We love cuts. The Tories are doing a wonderful job. Give us more cuts. Give us deeper cuts. Ooooh, pain, lovely. These cuts are really GREAT“.


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