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Oh, do keep up, Auntie


Dear BBC, I do understand that your attention has been somewhat distracted in recent weeks by the consequences of the unconvincingly stunned realisation (rather more than 40 years late) that Jimmy Savile was not, after all, a lovable eccentric but a predatory ephebophile of the barely-pubescent disabled, disadvantaged and star-struck.

Nevertheless, you really should be able to remember (after all, you’ve been reminded often enough) that the leadership of the Labour Party changed over 2 years ago – and that the unexpected candidate won.

So let’s try again, shall we? Ed Miliband is the millionaire, hypocritical leader of the socialist party, David Miliband is the millionaire, hypocritical ex-Foreign Secretary in the previous socialist government who thought (as the elder brother) that the leadership was properly his by a kind of political droit de seigneur, while the Steve Miller Band is responsible for (among other hits) Abracadabra, Fly Like an Eagle, Space Cowboy, Big Old Jet Airliner and The Joker. All in all, I think that Steve has brought far more joy and moral integrity to the world than the other two … jokers.

By the way, there’s a Jack Dee interview/profile of Jimmy Savile from 2005 – in which Dee mercilessly introduces him (at 1’12” in) by saying, “You were born, like so many annoying people, in Yorkshire … You were a worry to your parents, as you have been to parents ever since“. How can the BBC possibly keep a straight corporate face when it maintains that there were absolutely no suspicions about the ghastly old creep while he was alive?


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