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Talking negative values


Ласкаво просимо в наш новий читач в Україні

I am reluctant to throw self-righteous virtual stones at which, as you will see from the right-hand Blogroll column, is one of my browsing favourites. Rigorous textual integrity is, however, the name of the orthographic game here at Webwrights. is a constant delight and education, bringing together eclectic, worldwide style in everything from impossibly exotic metal porn to the world’s best pocket-knives, cameras, audio, beer and beefsteak. This week is Bond Week, for example, showcasing 50 years of James Bond’s ineffable cool.

Nevertheless, one of yesterday’s posts included the disgraceful solecism of:  “it’s not as cool as the invisible helmet, but then again, it costs about five times less”.

No! It’s one-fifth, you linguistic barbarians, not five times less. Five times less means that they would be paying you four times the ticket-price to take it off their hands.

If this post only encourages you to check out the brilliant ‘invisible helmet’, however, it will arguably have been worth the guilty shame of having pilloried the consistently entertaining Gearpatrol.


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