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Governments last as long as the undertaxed …


… can defend themselves against the overtaxed [Bernard Berenson]

The running scandal in the UK – apart, that is, from the apparently startling discoveries that a deeply creepy dead DJ was for 40 years a predatory ephebophile, that many clerics were/are child-abusers and that our ‘honourable’ (pshaw!) Members of Parliament remain unblushing and ingenious expense fiddlers despite being pilloried as such for the last 3 years – is the way in which many US corporations are dodging British tax by imaginative transfer-pricing.

The managements of Amazon, Starbucks and Google were made to squirm by a House of Commons select committee last week, chaired with no evident sense of shame or irony by the egregious Margaret Hodge.

In a delightful flourish of contemptuous fingers at the transatlantic competition, the Booksellers Association has issued a poster for its members to hang in their shop windows:

Purely in the spirit of even-handed helpfulness and the promotion of lively debate, Webwrights has today published a poster for the deep-pocketed (and short-armed) corporations to put in their windows and on their websites, if they dare:


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