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Hey, mister. You like dirty pictures?


We’ve occasionally had our fun here with showing up the brazen distortions and slipshod idiocies that seem to be the everyday pabulum of those who watch (or, more to the point, believe) Fox News and its affiliates. It’s not just words, but also pictures, which are ripe for misrepresentation, however. Today, because my time is short, I will simply draw your attention (with a grateful hat-tip to @bengoldacre) to this splendid analysis of the way that Fox tinkers with data to help purvey its partial, squiffy-eyed view of life, the Universe and – apparently – everything.

As Jeff Leek concludes: “One could argue these are mistakes, but based on the consistent displays of data supporting one viewpoint, I think these are likely the result of someone with real statistical training who is using data in a very specific way to make a point. Obviously, Fox News isn’t the only organization that does this sort of thing, but it is interesting to see how much effort they put into statistical graphics.”


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