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Kim Jong-un: sexiest man alive


The Onion is an online satirical ‘magazine’, which slightly surprisingly for a satirical magazine is full of satire. It recently published a satirical piece (of satire, by the way) which satirised the risible personality cult of the world’s only hereditary communist dictatorship, the Democratic (pshaw) People’s (yeah, sure) Republic (don’t make me laugh) of North Korea. The third and most recent member of the Kim dynasty to ascend to the imperial throne (where he can play with the world’s third largest army and its weaponry, while his people eat grass) is, of course, the Potty Putty-faced Supreme Leader, Kim Jong-un.

The Onion published this.

It seems that the editor of the People’s Daily in China does not understand the western concept of satire, or that not everything on the internet is entirely serious. The People’s Daily republished and embellished the piece into a 56-page paean to the world’s sexiest man. Although someone eventually stopped laughing long enough to tell the editor that he’d been had – and large – and the PD piece was swiftly deleted, the story is lovingly told here.

Incidentally, I can wholeheartedly recommend Nothing to Envy by Barbara Demick, which won (among other awards) the 2010 BBC Samuel Johnson Prize for Non-Fiction. It is a chilling account of the horrors of the gigantic prison camp which is contemporary North Korea, compiled from interviews with some of the fortunate few who have escaped.


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