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Words have meaning and names have power *


I have mentioned once or twice that I have long been a convinced republican. For clarification, and to keep me out of the Tower, that’s not a “line them all up and mow them all down with a Kalashnikov” republican; more a “pack them all off into elegant and penurious oblivion (preferably on a bus), and then we can finally grow up as a country” republican. Therefore yesterday’s apparently earth-shattering news that a healthy woman of 30 is expecting a child left me completely unmoved.

It did, however, put the various organs of the Press into a collective frenzy (“Kate Expectations”, for goodness’ sake!), as they rushed to be the first to tell the world that someone who was on record as having said that she wanted children will in due course be doing just that. In so doing, they kindly provided Webwrights with some wonderful, and professionally pertinent, copy.

In a graphic endorsement of the old adage of festina lente, in its haste the Daily Mail‘s website managed to give the most recent of the many Mrs. Battenbergs an entirely new and original title. It seems that she is no longer to be known as the Duchess of Cambridge, a title she has held for about 18 months (and is therefore probably bored by), but as … the Cambridge of Cambridge.

cambridge 2

Perhaps it’s an expansion of the royals’ determined, pantomime faux-Jockery, the sort of foolishness that has Phil the Greek wearing the kilt at every opportunity. Y’know, like the Macleod of Macleod and the MacTavish of MacTavish, but it’s all creeping south and we now have the Cambridge of Cambridge.

* Author unknown


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