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Le Roy le veult


Roy Greenslade is now a ‘media commentator’, after a career in journalism which included an inglorious period in the 1980s as a pseudonymous columnist in An Phoblacht, the slavishly uncritical mouthpiece of Sinn Féin’s militant Irish Republicanism. An Phoblacht has been described as “a propaganda sheet for the Provisional IRA”, and that was the time with the Provos were cheerfully trying to bomb, shoot and maim their way to peace. As such, you might think that historical and textual accuracy are expendable trivialities to him. I couldn’t possibly comment. Well done, Roy.

He was briefly (very briefly) editor of the Daily Mirror, having the questionable distinction of being hired by the loathsome old crook, bully and hypocrite Robert Maxwell.  More recently, he has somehow managed to become a Professor of Journalism at City University London, a title which he hugs like a security blanket to validate his every pronouncement on the state of the Press. Over the last couple of years, when the many excesses and crimes of the Press have been in the spotlight, he was all across TV and radio like a rash – and loving it. As an educator, he affects a measured, but oddly unconvincing, tone of objectivity. It’s all about strict accuracy, you see.

The following slide (thanks, once again, to Guido Fawkes) is from the professor’s recent lecture at the City University. It is an analysis of Lord Justice Leveson’s judicial inquiry into the culture, practices and ethics of the British press, which published last week’s Leveson Report. A small hint, Professor: there’s just the one ‘n’ in Leveson:


What was all that about “reckless disregard for accuracy”?


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