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It’s buffoon time


Good morning. This post is not about mistakes in spelling, punctuation, syntax, semantics, linguistics or orthography. It is simply about an idiot; a full-on, diamond-encrusted, fur-lined, 24-carat, ocean-going idiot. Ladies and gentleman, I give you <drums roll, cymbals clash> David Lammy.

He is, or was, a young man in a hurry in politics. Thus he confirms one of my long-held beliefs, that politicians are often exceptionally clever but have all their common-sense genes extracted at birth. Lammy won a scholarship to an excellent school, took a First in Law and did a Master’s at Harvard. He is, nevertheless, an idiot. He won a by-election in 2000, after the odious Bernie Grant died. He was already an Under-Secretary of State by 2002, and a junior Minister by 2003. He was put out of our misery when the Labour Party lost the 2010 General Election.

So, you are asking, drumming your fingers impatiently, why is David Lammy an idiot?

Well, yesterday the Conclave of Cardinals started their deliberations on who should be elected Pope. Even the dimmest intellectual bulb, anyone who is not dumber than yeast, knows that when a pope is chosen a chimney on the Vatican belches out white smoke (“Habemus Papam“). When the vote is inconclusive, it sends out black smoke.

Up to this point, Lammy’s ethnicity has been irrelevant. It is necessary to observe that he is a very chippy man, whose parents are from Guyana, and he represents a constituency with a substantial population of what the racially insensitive would call immigrants. His predecessor, Bernie Grant, never bothered about stopping to think before reacting to anything which could, however tenuously, be interpreted as a racial slur. When a riot led to the beheading of a policeman, good old Bernie’s diplomatic response was, “What the police got was a bloody good hiding.” Lammy has much the same delicate touch.

Yesterday, he posted this gem of stupidity on Twitter:



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