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“A rose by any other name would smell as sweet”


My other paper is The Financial Times. The reason that it never features in these columns is that, by contrast with the (quite possibly non-existent) sub-editors of The Times, the FT‘s subbies are excellent. The FT is a paper of record for finance and business, and mistakes are therefore rare.

When a mistake is made, however, it is likely to be a lulu. It will be something as blindingly obvious as the (possibly apocryphal) architect who forgot to include a staircase in his design.

And so it was this very morning, top-right in the masthead on the front page. Janan Ganesh is the paper’s established and very readable political correspondent and, incidentally, author of a fine biography of George Osborne.

Janan Ganesh, that is, and not …


Sorry about the distributor’s sticker.  The whole thing reads: “Memo to Osborne: time for flinty candour”. The FT awaits the revenge of the elephant god.

Thanks to George Eaton and Guido Fawkes for this.


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